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Mario was born in Chile, and moved to Israel is 2004.Sports and dance has always been a part of Mario's life.
At the age of 8, Mario began teaching himself martial arts, by imitating athletes on tv. His skills and talent were soon spotted, and he started to study in a proper program,and specialized in kempo karate. At age 18, he won several first place titles in worldwide championships.
At 18, Mario joined Chile's famed "Bafochi" dance and folklore troupe, only because they were looking for tall men.Mario quickly exchanged his white suit and black belt, for dance clothes, started to learn classical ballet, folkloric dance from South American countries, and specialized in latin dances.
Mario became one of the principal dancers when the troupe performed all over the world, even in Israel, - he performed at the Carmiel dance festival twice!
Mario came to Israel 10 years ago, and started to work as a dance instructor, teaching latin dances, kickboxing and latin aerobics.
In 2010, with many doubts, Mario decided to join the first Israeli zumba instructors course and the rest.. is history!
In 2011 Mario was chosen to be the official  ZES of Israel - zumba education specialist -  he is the official representative of zumba worldwide in Israel, and the only authorized person to lead instructor trainings Israel.

What is zumba?

Zumba is an aerobics class that combines dance moves and latin rhythms to build a dynamic workout that includes elements of aerobics, fitness and is fun and easy to follow. Each song has its own choreography. Zumba's magic lies in the fact that students do not feel like they are doing a sports workout but that they are on a journey across South America! In an average zumba class you can burn between 500-800 calories.

How Did it all Begin?

This amazing success story all began with Alberto Perez, "Beto', who was a dancer, fitness instructor, and  choreographer, who came from Cali, Colombia. One day, as Beto was going to teach his aerobics class, he found that he had forgotten his music for class. The only option he had, to not let down his students, was to use the music tapes that he listened to in his car, and improvise a class. His tapes contained all the traditional latino music he had grown up on- salsa, cumbia, merengue and reggaeton.
This last minute improvisation worked out great, the students loved the class and this was the beginning of a new fitness class that was an aerobic "dance party", which later would be a huge international success story.
A few months after that, rumours about his new style reached the ears of singer Shakira, also a native of Colombia. She hired Beto to choreograph her album "Pies Dezcalos". Beto and his new classes became instant celebrities in Colombia.
Riding upon his success in his native land, Beto moved to Miami , Florida, where there was a huge Hispanic community. He started to teach in gyms in the area, and since the people loved his music they also came and filled his classes to full capacity!
Beto changed the name of the classes to "Zumba" which in Colombian slang means "to move fast and have fun". He started to train instructors to teach the classes, and in a short time Zumba became known all over America, and from there it spread all over the world.
Today zumba can be found in over 185 countries worldwide, and every week more than 14 million people attend zumba classes!
Zumba was chosen as the sport activity that succeeded in getting people to engage in physical activity, more than any other sport in history!

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