Become a Zumba Instructor

How do I become a zumba instructor?

To become a zumba instructor you need to take the Zumba Basic 1 course.
Basic 1 is a two day course that teaches you the foundation and formula to teach zumba classes.The class is taught by Israel's ZES, Mario Gutierrez in Hebrew.

The course is divided into two parts:

Theoretical part - where the zumba formula is taught
* the history of zumba- how it all began
*how did zumba turn into a global trend?
*what are the physical and mental benefits of zumba?
*what are the basic rhythms of a zumba class?
*how to build a playlist and what is interval training?

Practical Part - Lots of legwork to practice and try
*Zumba masterclass to experience the zumba world and feel the rhythm
*Learn the four basic rhythms - salsa, cumbia, merengue and reggaeton
*Work on creating unique choreographies for class
*combination of elements of dance and fitness
*how to teach in front of a class
* work and train  in small groups

Is two days enough to become a zumba teacher?

The answer is no.
These are two fun filled and very tiring days,  where you learn theoretical and practical material, but to get started to prepare for your first zumba class, you need to practice with the "tools" that you will receive in the course:

1. Basic Steps level 1 review dvd
2. Basic Steps level 1 mash - up dvd
3. Basic Steps level 1mash- up cd
4. Rush dvd
5. A detailed instruction booklet in Hebrew.

At the end of the course you will receive a Zumba Instructor's certificate from Zumba LLC, and you will officially become part of the zumba family.
The certificate is valid for one year.
In order to maintain the validity of the certificate beyond one year, you can join the international zumba organization -"ZIN - Zumba Instructor Network"

See left side of page for  detailed explanation of the ZIN network.

Who can become a zumba instructor?

Anyone.  However, keep in mind that in the larger fitness centers and gyms, you also will need to have an aerobics instructor certificate, in order to teach there. Enrollment in a zumba course is from age 16 and up (parental consent is required for a minor).

Zin members receive a special discount for the aerobics instructor course at  the Wingate Institute!
For more details contact:
Wingate Institute 09-863-9215